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Self Study Guide for the Math SAT


Self Study Guide for the old Math SAT

  • Take exams to get scores.
    • Recommend taking whole real math SATs for score as well as practice
    • Kaplan practice SATs An adaptive ACT or SAT every week or so, mostly on weekends. 
      • Asks harder questions if you get them right, so gets a score faster.
      • Takes about 1 1/2 hours for all sections, math, writing, and reading.
      • I recommend practicing with this
    • In person tutoring sites also give mock scored exams. They are trying to sell tutoring and classes, so will generally give low scores.
  • You should mostly do problems at the level where you get 40-80% right. 
    • There is no point in taking repeated whole tests if you are scoring 650+
    • You should also not do problems that are too hard.
  • You should use real SATs
    • The main book is the Blue Book from College Board with 10 real SATs
    • I also recommend getting the Red Book and/or White Book of older SATs before the 2004 change. 
      • These can be purchases used on Amazon and other sources. You should probably get them in good condition so there isn't writing in them.
      • The math problems in these are somewhat trickier than current ones, but involve less advanced math.



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