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Links to the Best SAT, Test Preparation, and College Information Sites on the Web

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There’s a wealth of information online to help you prepare for the SAT; tips, tests and more and much of it is free. Students are encouraged to supplement our tutoring sessions with practice on their own!
proprofs Has study guide, other resources.
sparknotes Another decent study guide
freetestprep Practice tests, 1500 college application essays
collegeboard Official college board site. Register for the tests and get information.
top-5-math-sat-books Interesting book recommendations. Most are for students shooting for a high score.
collegeapps Sample essays and other college admissions resources.
thecriticalreader The site of the author of the best verbal SAT books. Real practice tests. Excellent resources for the verbal SAT. Large link collection.
pwnthesat The author of "Pwn the SAT's" website.

actstudent Official ACT site
erikthered Free SAT and ACT practice problems.
college confidential Link is to there incredible forums about SAT, college admissions what school to go to and so on. Highly recommended
old real SAT tests College confidential forum with links to official college board site. Really cool resource.
sat forums SAT forums
test prep and admissions links From teacher of the year's website
general study guides Incredible resource. Not specific test prep
answers to all sorts of questions Can search on various topics in math and other areas
answers to math questions Includes advanced math, but select topics like geometry or calculus
College reviews Many reviews by aspect
Student room Huge British college and college admissions forum, including Oxbridge, similar to College Confidential.
Advanced Math Hard practice material and math you need to know for the SAT
Analyze Math Hard math SAT and ACT practice tests
Union Test Prep Study guides, sample tests, etc. Site has high traffic
Kaplan Take Scored SAT or ACT Take a timed test at certain times, usually Saturday. Will provide analysis.
Online SAT training
Khan Academy Free online training with videos
Green and Prep Scholar use adaptive software to give lessons tailored to the student
Green System Way overhyped but probably decent ACT/SAT software. Costs like $600
Prep Scholar Another ACT/SAT software program. Probably worthwhile Costs like $400
SAT Quantum Video explanations of all math SAT problems in Official Guide among other things. Some of the material is free.
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