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Math and SAT tutoring for subjects including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics, as well as preparation for the math and all sections of the  SAT,  PSAT, ACT, GRE, and SSAT.


Recommended Books for SAT and other test preparation and college information

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Carefully selected and recommended books. Best of all, many of them feature truly specialized and challenging material not typically found in book stores. It’s great for a student to stretch and test their knowledge in advance.


I generally use the real SATs and Barrons SAT Math Workbook. For students scoring over 700, I use Math SAT 800. Just click on the images to purchase them directly from

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SAT and ACT Books

+ The Official SAT Study Guide. The official SAT guide has real SATs. This is often superior to made up problems. This is the latest edition. If you want zillions of real problems to practice with, there are various older editions available with different tests. This is one of the main books I use.

Barrons SAT Math Workbook. This is a major book I use to prepare students for the math SAT. It has excellent illustrative problems by catagory.  It works best if the student's current score is between 500 and 650.
Math SAT 800. Another excellent book with really hard math SAT problems. This is the only super hard book I use in tutoring.
The Real ACT. Again, real tests are usually better unless you want harder or illustrative problems. Also, older versions available with different tests.

Crush the Test SAT Math Prep. Hard SAT problems, very useful for someone shooting for a high score.  It has level 1, 2, and 3 problems. The level 1 problems are the easiest material available in books of extremely hard problems, so they are a good starting point for a student who finds standard books too easy.


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SAT Math Prep 800. Another book of really hard questions. Not arranged by topic. These problems are so hard that I would not use them in tutoring.
Pwn the Math SAT. Highly regarded. Cross references to the Real SAT.
Pwn the SAT Essay
The Critical Reader. The best book to prepare for the critical reading section.
The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar
The Complete Guide to ACT English
The Complete Guide to ACT Reading
The SAT Black Book. Tips for test taking techniques.
Direct Hits. Considered the one of best for vocabulary.
Essential 500. Probably the best vocabulary book.
Dr. Chung's Math SAT. The tips at the beginning are good for studying the math on the SAT. The problems are harder than real problems and even harder than Barrons, but not as hard as the 3 books of 700+ problems I list here.
28 SAT Math Lessons by Warner. Excellent for 600+ student.

Barrons SAT. I usually prefer the Barrons Math SAT Study Guide above, which is more comprehensive about different types of problems, but this also a good resource. The math problems are somewhat harder than in the study guide. Good material on all sections. Some people feel this isn't updated enough for the latest problems. Barrons guides are generally decent for SAT subject tests and other exams.


99 Percentile SAT Math. I am only providing a link to one of a 3-part series available only in kindle. Really good study material for the math SAT. Accessible to above average math SAT students.


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Math Subject Test and AP Calculus Exam

Barrons Math SAT Subject Test. Good study material, harder than real problems.
Dr. Changs Math SAT Level 2 Subject Test. Formulas at the beginning. Hard tests.
Barrons AP Calculus
Real Math SAT Subject Tests. Has 2 real tests for each of the level 1 & 2 subject tests. Some review material. Main value is the real level 2 tests.
Real SAT Subject Tests. 1 test for each subject test. Good for telling which tests to take. Also, can get old editions with different tests.

Colleges, Competition Math

Insiders Guide to Colleges. Based on interviews with students. More informative than straight statistical oriented guides.
Competition Math.


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The unit circle; used in trigonometry. The best SAT prep materials.Mathematics text in ancient Greek. Best preparation for SAT II, AP calculus and statistics.