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Math and SAT tutoring for subjects including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics, as well as preparation for the math and all sections of the  SAT,  PSAT, ACT, GRE, and SSAT.


State-of-the-Art Online SAT & ACT Tutoring

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Tutor with 2350 combined SATs.

Expect large improvements in scores. Most students have improved by 200+ points.

Online tutoring rates: $30/hour

 Results from the last 6 months. Will supply phone numbers and emails for parents of these students:

  • Student scored 66 on math PSAT. After 20 hours of tutoring, scored 780 on math SAT.
  • Student scored combined 145 on the PSAT. After 18 hours of tutoring on all sections, scored 1740 combined SAT.
  • Student scored 66 on math PSAT and 68 on writing PSAT. Improved to 800 on math SAT and 760 on writing SAT.
  • Student scored 1440 on combined SAT. After 12 hours on tutoring in 2 weeks, improved to 1550 on combined SAT.
  • Student scored 19 combined ACT. After 10 hours of tutoring in 4 weeks, improved to 24 combined ACT.
  • We specialize in online tutoring at reduced rates 
  • Advanced whiteboard software for simulated live tutoring.
  • Uses Scribblar interface software, Wacom Bamboo tablet, and exchange of documents with pdfs.
  • Recorded lessons make it easy to view lesson at any time.
  • For SAT tutoring, uses real SATs, "Barrons Math SAT Workbook", "Pwn the Math SAT", and Erica Meltzer books for the verbal sections.
  • Professional tutor with extensive experience in online tutoring.
  • Learn from a Johns Hopkins math graduate with over 4000 hours tutoring experience.
  • Expert test prep from tutor who scored 790 on Math SAT and 36 on Math ACT.
  • 2350 combined SATs; tutors all SAT/ACT subjects with 300+ point improvements
  • We accept payment by paypal and credit cards.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Special rates available now.


    "Catherine's ACT scores were raised from a 23 to a 31 after working with Joe for a few months. Catherine is now a graduate student at Columbia University. She credits Joe with helping her test taking strategies improve dramatically."

    Contact us today or call 855-204-2414 for free first lesson. Will supply references regarding students who improved by 200-300 points.

    This tutor featured in Thumbtack Spotlight Interview

    Whiteboard used for online tutoring.