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Math and SAT tutoring for subjects including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics, as well as preparation for the math and all sections of the  SAT,  PSAT, ACT, GRE, and SSAT.

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  • Johns Hopkins Math Degree
  • Highest Rated Wyzant tutor,
    featured in Thumbtack Spotlight Interview.
“My Daughter was failing, did not want a tutor, and was convinced she would fail even with a tutor. She gave Joseph a chance and she passed her Final Algebra 2 exam with a 91!”
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“Joseph taught my son a few difficult topics in AP Pre-calculus. In 2 hours my son went from knowing nothing, to understanding the topics fully.”

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√ Tutors Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, and Statistics at your home or library
√ 4000 hours of tutoring experience
√ Tutors all sections of SAT & ACT

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After working with Joseph for only about 2 1/2 months once a week for the most part, my son improved his SAT score by 220 points!”
“Joe helped my daughter increase her ACT score from 23 to 31. Currently a graduate student at Columbia, she credits Joe with dramatically improving her test taking strategies.”

– Steve in Whitehouse Station

My Daughter was failing, did not want a tutor, and was convinced she would fail even with a tutor. She gave Joseph a chance and she passed her Final Algebra 2 exam with a 91! He is patient and takes the time needed to make sure your child understands. He knows his work and how to motivate children to do better.

– Jane in Randolph

My son has always done very well in school without studying at all so the SAT exam was a real eye opener. He took it the first time, using only a once a week group SAT prep class. It did nothing to help him with his bad study habits, but his scores were good, not great, but good. I wanted him to give it a decent chance and enlisted the help of Joe H, who met with him twice a week for about a month. He gave him homework, explained the areas my son struggled with, and broke the whole thing down so the test didn’t seem so overwhelming. For the first time ever, I watched my son actually study and do and re-do the work assigned. He rarely complained. Joe said he should see at least a 100 point improvement overall. Well, he was wrong. My son improved by 250 points! I’ve never had a problem communicating with Joe either. He always returns phone calls and emails promptly and keeps you abreast of your child’s progress. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help preparing for a standardized test. Needless to say, we are both very happy with Joe’s service and I will definitely ask for his help again next year when my daughter takes her SAT.

– Mary in Basking Ridge

Joe is a very dedicated and astute tutor. We have had the pleasure of working with him several years ago with our older daughter and now with our daughter who is a high school junior. Casey’s ACT scores were raised from a 23 to a 31 after working with Joe for a few months. Casey is now a graduate student at Columbia University. She credits Joe with helping her test taking strategies improve dramatically. We were thrilled when he was able to commit to tutoring Abigail twice a week. Joe is reliable ,extremely intelligent and very competent!

– Brian in Chatham

Joe understands ACT Math and Science very well and knows how to prep a student for success in both areas. After only 5 lessons, our daughter’s ACT Math score improved by 3 points. ACT Science improved by 6 points. He delivers results!

– Charlotte in Tewkesbury

I first contacted Joseph Hammerman to help my son who was having difficulty with tests in Algebra 2/Trig. He was able to build my son’s knowledge and confidence sufficiently to raise his test scores by two grades. He continued to work with him for math SAT prep, with my son improving from 660 on the math PSAT to 720 on his first try, and 780 on his second attempt. We are very happy with the one-on-one attention that he has given our son. He is especially good with question and answer, give and take exchanges. He is clearly very strong in all aspects of Mathematics and test taking strategies. I would certainly recommend him for Mathematics tutoring.

– Dawn in Livingston

Joseph taught my son a few difficult topics in Pre-calculus. In 2 hours my son went from knowing nothing, to understanding the topics fully. Joseph is an expert in this field and was able to clearly and patiently explain everything that my son did not know. We will definitely be contacting him again!

– Olivia in Bridgewater

After working with Joseph for only about 2 1/2 months once a week for the most part, my son improved his SAT score by 220 points! I am very pleased. Joseph is also very accommodating with scheduling as well. I highly recommend him

– Sanjay in Raritan

We are having Joseph guide my son with SAT prep. We are very happy we found him. His lesson planning is very much tailored to what my son needs and we see that my son has made great progress within these three months that Joseph has been coming. My son’s math SAT score has improved from 680 to 780. We then switched to other areas, and Joseph has also helped my son improve from 2000 to 2300 in combined SATs. Would highly recommend this tutor to anyone!

– Cheryl in Highland Park

My daughter was having trouble understanding concepts taught in class. After one session reviewing the material with Joseph, my daughter scored a 90 on the test, which she was very pleased with, considering that more than half the students failed. Our appreciation for an effective session!

– Scott in East Brunswick

Mr. Hammerman is very nice and knowledgeable. He makes sure you understand the concepts before you solve the problems. I was in danger of failing community college statistics, which I needed for my major. To my surprise, after working with Mr. Hammerman for 3 months, I got an C on the final grade. My parents brought him back to help with Statistics 2. I was doing well, and he worked ahead with me. After, a while I really didn’t need the tutor. I got an A in Statistics 2, not an A-, but an A.

Special Rates: $70/hour Online Rates: $50/hour

Thumbtack Spotlight Interview

Joseph Hammerman was one of 2% of Thumbtack service providers chosen for a Thumbtack Spotlight Interview. 

Learning should not only happen within the four walls of your school, but it needs to continue the moment you step out of school. Joseph Hammerman believes this, and he wants to improve your child’s scholastic performance through his math and SAT tutoring services.

I realized I had a real talent for individual tutoring and that I enjoy helping students. My greatest challenge was at one time not knowing all the material for the most advanced classes, such as calculus and statistics. I resolved this by improving my expertise to become a better tutor in both of those areas, and tutor them without referring to the textbooks. This is the same approach I teach to my students, to overcome a challenge and work to make it a strength.

Joseph is results-driven and gets great results. In addition to his main expertise in math tutoring, he has current 2350 combined SATs and has helped several students improve their combined SATs by 300+ points. He has also helped students who were in danger of failing improve to an A by the end of the school year.

With a math degree from Johns Hopkins and 12 years tutoring experience, he takes a professional and systematic approach. He does more than go over solutions: he excels at question and answer and give and take. He has the passion of helping students improve themselves, even long after he stops teaching them. He wants his students to know the importance of hard work and dedication.

My favorite project involved helping a student improve her scores on the whole ACT from 23 to 31, which is the equivalent of 1500 to 2100 on the SAT. She is currently a graduate student at Columbia University. She feels my work helped her improve her study skills and test-taking strategies, which helped her overcome her learning disability.

If your child is having difficulty in math classes or you simply want to make major improvements in his/her grades or SAT scores, then you need to see how Joseph makes a big difference. Give him a try now.

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